Lea F. Schweitz, Ph.D.

Teacher. Writer. NatureMama.

Teacher – I was that kid that went to school, came home, and played school. Always, always as the teacher. From an early age, I was enchanted with the curiosity, creativity, and discovery of learning. And, I probably liked getting to tell my little sister what to do. (She’s the genius mind behind the tagline.) Now, I see better how teaching can make change happen, too. Wild Sparrows  teaches nature in order to flock the system.

Writer – I ❤ words, especially when they gather into questions. Trouble is, I think in pictures. Wild Sparrows is both.

NatureMama (who lives in the city) – I keep the two growing boys with whom we share our lives always in my heart. Wild Sparrows will, too.

Academic Bio (pdf)


Cover Image: Spring in Jackson Park by Dr. Thomas Oord